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Legalisation of Degree Certificates for Qatar

Choose this service to attest a Degree Certificate for Qatar, which requires certification by a solicitor prior to attestation, and three separate documents to be attested together. This applies only to degree certificates. For all other educational documents, go to the "Requires Certification" page. 


Qatar Degree Legalisation Inc Certification - Standard

Qatar Degree Legalisation Inc Certification - Standard£369.00

Best Choice
Qatar Degree Legalisation Inc Certification - Express

Qatar Degree Legalisation Inc Certification - Express£429.00

Qatar Degree Legalisation Inc Certification - Urgent

Qatar Degree Legalisation Inc Certification - Urgent£579.00

Additional Guidance for Submitting Educational Documents to the Embassy of Qatar

According to the request of the concerned authorities in the State of Qatar as of 1st June 2016, all Educational Qualifications (Level 5 and higher, see the list here) must be supported by a Certificate/Diploma, a supporting transcript, and a cover letter issued by the educational provider confirming: 

  • The mode of study: whether full-time or part-time
  • The type of study: whether distance learning (E-Learning) or Face to Face learning (on campus learning)
  • Location of study
  • Location of examinations
  • The actual dates of study (start date and the end date)

What to know

  • All 3 items mentioned above have to be attested by the UK's Foreign & Common Wealth Office (FCO) prior to submitting it for legalisation at the Embassy of State of Qatar - London. The prices stated above are for the legalisation of three documents by both the FCO and the Embassy.
  • Any certificate obtained via distance learning (Online) will NOT be accepted for legalisation.
  • For any certificate, where the place of study and examination are outside the UK will NOT be accepted for legalisation.