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Before you can use your documents in Qatar for any official purpose,
they need to go through a process called legalisation...

It's like getting a passport for your documents, and ensures they'll be accepted by the relevant authorities. Luckily, you've landed in the right place. We've been legalising documents since 2006, so there's nobody better at guiding you through the complexities and making sure your documents are ready when you need them to be.

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How do you legalise a document for Qatar?

Legalising a document for Qatar can be a difficult process - no two documents are the same, and the Qatar Embassy has different procedures in place for different documents. We've outlined the basic process below that should apply to most documents, but for a more accurate reflection, it's best to request a quote.

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Initial Certification

uk solicitor certification

Solicitor Certification

For most documents, the first step is to have your document certified by a solicitor. To keep your document in its original state, our solicitor will usually take a copy of your document, certify it as a true copy of the original document, and the attestation will take place on that. If you prefer, you can have the original processed instead.

Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO)

uk apostille

Apostille Legalisation

Before documents can be presented to the Qatar Embassy in London, they need to have an Apostille certificate attached and sealed. This is a white A5 piece of paper that confirms the legitimacy of the seal or signature used to certify the document being processed. In the UK this can only be applied by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO).

Qatar Embassy in London

uk qatar embassy

Qatar Embassy Legalisation

The final step in the UK is to have the document stamped, known as legalised, by the Qatar Embassy in London. During this stage an official Qatar government sticker and seal is applied to the document. This confirms to the authorities in the Qatar that the document has completed all the required steps in the UK.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Qatar)

MoFA Legalisation (Qatar)

Qatar MoFA Stamp

Once the document has reached Qatar, it requires a further legalisation stamp by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Qatar which validates that your document has been processed correctly in the UK. Some employers make arrangements to handle this for you, so you should check whether this needs completing by you or not. If your document does not require translation (see the next section), then once this stamp has been applied you can then use the document in Qatar.

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Legalisation Notes

  • Birth, marriage or death certificates, and some other documents such as an ACRO certificate do not require the initial certification process as they MUST be processed on the original document.
  • You may be advised that these documents have to be notarised by a Notary Public rather than a solicitor. This information is incorrect. We choose to use a solicitor for client documents as this is cheaper for you. If you prefer a notary to carry this out then we can arrange this for an additional fee. Whichever solicitor or notary is used, they must be registered with the FCDO otherwise there will be a delay processing the Apostille. Our solicitors and notaries are all correctly registered for your convenience.
  • The UK legalisation office name changed from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) to the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) in 2020. It was previously also known simply as the Foreign Office.

Legalising an Education Document?

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The Qatar Embassy is very specific about how they want education documents presented for legalisation. Download our guide to help you prepare your documents so you can avoid any costly delays.

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Sound complicated?

We make legalisation easy with our 3-step procedure...

attestation step 1

Step 1

Send your documents to our UK-based office, via post or by courier.

attestation step 2

Step 2

Relax! We'll take care of the legalisation for you, from beginning to end.

attestation step 3

Step 3

We'll send your completed document(s) back to your chosen address.

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Which types of documents can you legalise?

You might need to legalise different documents depending on your circumstances - whether you're just moving to the country to work, bringing a family member, or starting a business. We've got you covered in all circumstances.

education docs

Educational Qualifications

  • University Degree Certificate
  • College Transcript
  • QTS Document
  • Other Educational Documents
commercial docs

Commercial Documents

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Articles of Association
  • Power of Attorney
  • Other Commercial Documents
personal docs

Personal Identification

  • Birth/Marriage/Death Certificate
  • Certificate of Non-Impediment (CNI)
  • Passport
  • Other Personal Documents
police docs

Police Documents

  • Police Clearance Certificates (ACRO, ACPO)
  • Disclosure Documents
  • Fingerprints
  • Other Police Documents
financial docs

Financial Documents

  • Bank Statements
  • Financial Accounts
  • HMRC or other Government Issued Documents
  • Other Financial Documents
medical docs

Medical Documents

  • Medical Reports and Fit-to-Work Notes
  • Doctor-Issued Sick Notes
  • General Medical Council Documents
  • Other Medical Documents
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How much does it cost to legalise a document for Qatar?

We offer various speeds of service to suit your needs. Whether you're on a budget or need your documents legalised in record time, we've got you covered. Stated timescales are from receiving your documents.

25 Working Days

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From £189

Per Document

This service includes:

  • Initial Certification
  • Apostille Legalisation
  • Qatar Embassy Legalisation

Completed in 25 Working Days

20 Working Days

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From £219

Per Document

This service includes:

  • Initial Certification
  • Apostille Legalisation
  • Qatar Embassy Legalisation

Completed in 20 Working Days

15 Working Days

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From £308

Per Document

This service includes:

  • Initial Certification
  • Apostille Legalisation
  • Qatar Embassy Legalisation

Completed in 15 Working Days

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MoFA Legalisation and Translation of documents are not included in the above pricing, and will incur an extra fee if required. For the most accurate quotation for your circumstances, please get in touch.

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Why choose Vital Consular?

benefit 1

Acceptance Guarantee

We guarantee your document will be valid in the country for which it was attested.

benefit 2

Document Checking

Your documents will be checked prior to submission to ensure they are accepted.

benefit 3

Service Updates

Regular service updates mean you always know where your documents are.

benefit 4

Industry Leading Staff

Our advisers undertake regular training so the advice they give is always up-to-date.

benefit 5

Scanning Service

Get a digital copy of your completed documents prior to receiving shipment.

benefit 6

Fully Inclusive Price

Fees always include all charges, shipping and VAT (where applicable).

Our Team's the best around...

Our expert legalisation team strives to deliver a professional service with a personal touch. With a combined 80 years of experience, and a legalisation network that stretches across the globe, you can be sure we have the knowledge and the know-how to solve your legalisation worries.

  • Matt Lawless

    Matt Lawless

    Founder/Managing Director

    Batley, UK

  • Joanne Douglas

    Joanne Douglas

    Finance Director

    Batley, UK

  • Sarah Price

    Sarah Price

    Sales Manager

    Batley, UK

  • Louise Wood

    Louise Wood

    Office Manager

    Batley, UK

  • Paul Fletcher

    Paul Fletcher

    Office Manager

    London, UK

  • Joanne Lawless

    Joanne Lawless

    HR Manager

    Batley, UK

  • Ruth James

    Ruth James

    Finance Manager

    Batley, UK

  • Andrew Howden

    Andrew Howden

    Business Development Manager

    Batley, UK

  • Emma Thompson

    Emma Thompson

    Corporate Sales Support

    Batley, UK

  • Ashraf Vachhiat

    Ashraf Vachhiat

    Marketing Technologist

    Batley, UK

  • Declan Ramsden

    Declan Ramsden

    Apprentice Content Creator

    Batley, UK

  • Nicola Palmer

    Nicola Palmer

    Legalisation Advisor

    Batley, UK

  • Sean Garvey

    Sean Garvey

    Legalisation Advisor

    Batley, UK

  • Kelly Brown

    Kelly Brown

    Legalisation Advisor

    Batley, UK

  • Nilem Patel

    Nilem Patel

    Legalisation Advisor

    London, UK

  • Debi Gillatt

    Debi Gillatt

    Certificates Administrator

    Batley, UK

  • Neil Gabbitas

    Neil Gabbitas

    Legalisation Runner

    London, UK

  • Pribi Pavin

    Pribi Pavin

    Office Coordinator

    Dubai, UAE

  • April Cafe

    April Cafe

    Sales Support Manager

    Dubai, UAE

  • Christian Gallagher

    Christian Gallagher

    Business Development Manager

    Abu Dhabi, UAE

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Got questions? We've got answers...


  • One of our friendly legalisation advisors will get back to you as soon as possible to talk about your legalisation requirements.

  • One of our expert team will evaluate your requirements and get back to you with a specially tailored quote, within one working hour.

  • The global embassy network doesn't handle attestation for all countries, so your document will have to be sent to the Qatar Embassy in the country where the document was issued. Do you have the time to fly across the world, going from government building to embassy to attest your documents?

    There's an easier way. Send your documents to us and we'll handle the attestation in a timeframe to suit you. Then we'll ship it back to you, wherever you are in the world. Simple.

Your Documents

  • We handle documents from over 150 countries. Request a quote and let us know which documents you have, and where they were issued. Example countries include: US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Russia, France, Germany and Italy.

  • We will always require original documents to be sent to us for processing. Some document types, such as education documents, will have a solicitor certified copy taken and used for the legalisation process, keeping your original clean. Government-issued documents, such as birth and marriage certificates, are processed on the original.

  • Yes, although most documents hare processed on a certified copy, you will receive your original documents back. As standard, we ship all originals together with the attested copies to your chosen destination. If you want your originals returned to a different address, that’s not a problem. Just let us know when placing your order.

  • For Qatar, certain award levels will require supporting documents in order to be processed. As a rule of thumb, this is anything of diploma level or above. There are however some exceptions to the rule.

    If you need to provide additional documentation, this will include a verification letter from the awarding institution and where available, a transcript of results. If there is no transcript available from the college or university, the verification will need to state this explicitly, and give a valid reason why. Once you place an order with us, we can provide a template letter for you to send to your college or university to request this letter and check it for you once it has been issued.

    For more information, see our full guide here.

  • This is the most common problem our customers face when it comes to document legalisation for Qatar. The good news is, we handle these document types day in, day out, so we know exactly what needs to be included in a letter in order for it to be accepted by the Qatar Embassy.

    It’s well known that their guidelines are strict, and it’s extremely important to have your letter checked before you even start your legalisation, to avoid having to re-process the letter at the FCDO, causing delays and further costs.

    All you need to do is email us a scan of your letter, and we’ll work with you to perfect it before you even get your documents on their way to us, so you can be 100% confident they’ll sail through!

  • Qatar won’t accept any qualification which was studied via a distance learning mode, including online or distance learning within the UK or any course studied overseas. For example, if you studied a degree with a UK-based university, but did so via distance learning whilst you were resident in a different country, Qatar will not legalise your qualification.

  • We offer MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) attestation as an additional service alongside your attestation if you need it. If this service is part of your requirements, let us know and we'll build it into the quote we send you.

  • Every order we complete is backed by our 100% Acceptance Guarantee, which promises to provide you with a full refund and free re-processing of your documents should they be rejected when you present them in your destination country.

Placing an Order

  • There are so many variations within the legalisation process, we need to ensure that your documents are handled correctly based on your circumstances, and make sure you only pay for what you need. Once you’re happy with your quotation, we can proceed to finalise your order via email, phone or chat.

  • Once you’re happy with your quotation, we will send you a PayLink via email so you can complete your order online.

    We have the widest choice of payment types in the market. You can either pay via credit or debit card online with our easy PayLink system, over the phone with a card, PayPal, Bank Transfer or spread the cost with Pay in 3 by Klarna. You must be 18+ and a UK resident to be eligible for this credit offer. T&Cs apply, credit subject to status.

  • Once your order has been placed, you will receive an email with the address to send your documents to. Which address you use will depend on the speed of service you have opted for, which will be detailed in the confirmation email. We always recommend you use a tracked postal service when sending original documents. Please ensure you include your order reference number with the order.

  • Yes, of course! We use secure courier shipments to deliver anywhere in the world, so wherever you are, we can get your documents back to you safely and quickly.

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All orders are backed by our 100% Acceptance Guarantee.

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