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Apostille UK Stamp

If you need to present a UK-Issued document to an overseas authority, it will need to be authenticated first. This is known as an Apostille Stamp. For Apostille UK services, please select your requirements below.

What is an Apostille?

An Apostille stamp is a form of authentication added to documents to allow them to be used in member countries of the Hague Convention, and are usually requested by foreign governments to assert that a document is genuine. It is sometimes known as an FCDO Apostille, as the FCDO (Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office) is the governmental body that issues them within the UK. We can get Apostilles applied for you through our legalisation offices in West Yorkshire and London.

Once an Apostille stamp is added to a document, it becomes valid for use in any country that is a member of the Hague Convention. 

Apostille Stamp Only

Apostille Stamp Only

Original Documents Including:

Birth Certificate
Marriage Certificate
Death Certificate
Adoption Certificate
Divorce Documents
Court Documents
ACRO Police Documents

Apostille Stamp With Certification

Apostille Stamp With Certification


Educational Certificate
Driving Licence
Finance Documents
Medical Reports
Company Documents
Non-ACRO Police Documents
Most Other Documents

Which countries will accept a UK or Republic of Ireland Apostille without further consular legalisation?

The following countries are currently a part of the Apostille agreement in the Hague Convention; if the country is not listed here, it's likely you will require further legalisation after Apostille. Please check out our Legalisation section to find out more.