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What is attestation?

There are times when a court-issued document needs to be used overseas. When this is needed, the document will need to be attested, also known as legalised, before being presented to an overseas authority. This means that the document has been authenticated by the government where the court is based, and on some occasions by the Embassy of the country where the document is going to be used. 

We can help you get any UK court-issued documents attested for use outside of the UK, as well as most court documents from other countries. These documents include the following common examples:

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  • Decree Absolute (Divorce Decree)
  • Decree Nisi
  • Last Will and Testament
  • Grants of Probate
  • Bankruptcy Documents
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The above documents can be presented in one of the following ways. Either:

  • The document must have been signed by an officer of the court 
  •  The document must bear the original ink stamp or seal of the court
  • The document has been certified by a practising UK Solicitor or Notary Public 

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