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South African Documents

We can attest your South African documents for use in other countries. The most common requests are the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, though it's possible for us to attest your document for any country in the world.

Which Documents Can We Legalise?

The documents we can attest will depend on the country you would like them to be attested for. Certain documents can be attested for some countries but not others. Timescales may also vary depending on the country or the type of document you wish to attest. 

How It Works

To attest your South African Documents, we will require both the original certificate and a copy of your passport. 

  1. Send your documents to our UK based office.
  2. They’ll be sent to Pretoria, South Africa, where two things will happen:
  • Authentication – The document will be sent to Department of International Relations and Co-operation (DIRCO). Once approved, a Certificate of Authentication will be attached to the document.
  • Legalisation – Then, your document will be sent to the relevant Embassy in Pretoria, where they’ll add a Certificate of Legalisation to the front page.
  • We’ll have your attested document(s) sent anywhere you need around the world.

This overall process is standard for every South African document needing to be legalised for use elsewhere. However, the process may vary depending on the type of document you wish to attest and the country you wish to attest it for. For example, if the document is a degree or a diploma, we would need to send the original document to the Department of Higher Education and Training (Pretoria) before the legalisation process can commence.

Documents such as birth and marriage certificates, as well as Non-Registered/ Non-SA DHET diplomas and other official documents, require Notarisation before the attestation process takes place. We can also assist with the legalisation of Matric Certificates, Medical Documents and Police Clearance documents, among others. 

Request a quote for the legalisation of your South African document(s)

We will provide an individual quote tailored to your needs. You can request a quote online, where one of our team will get back to you quickly. If you would prefer to discuss your requirements with a legalisation specialist, you can alternatively contact us.  

Why Vital Consular?

We’ve helped thousands of clients have their documents attested, and our 99.7% attestation rate proves our credentials.

In fact, we’re so confident in our service that we offer a 100% acceptance guarantee.

That’s right. If for any reason your documents are rejected we will refund your order in full.

Using our attestation service gives you complete peace of mind and ensures that you get what you require in a timescale to suit your needs. Our friendly and expert team have years of experience and deal with embassies across the world on a daily basis, so they’re fully aware of the steps required to make sure your certification goes smoothly.