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How can I attest my degree certificate?

What is attestation? This process, also known as legalisation, makes a document issued in one country legally recognised in another. These procedures vary from country to country as well as by document type. If you require a degree qualification attesting for use overseas, we can help.

You don't need to research all the requirements, or travel long distances to wait in line at an embassy. We deal with all the complexity and paperwork for you. 

We can help you with the attestation of most higher education qualifications from anywhere in the world. This service covers the following types of qualification:

  • Degrees
  • Masters
  • PhD

Note: Some Foreign Embassies, including Qatar and Saudi Arabia, won't accept online or distance learning qualifications, so be sure to check your requirements on our dedicated blog post. Click here to learn more.

Qatar Degree Attestation

If you have a higher education award and you would like this attesting for use in Qatar, you will require additional documentation to support your application. This includes a supporting letter from the awarding institution as well as an official transcript of results. All three documents will need to be attested in order to be accepted in Qatar. To find out more about these requirements, read our complete guide here.

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Saudi Arabia Degree Attestation

To attest a higher education qualification for use in Saudi Arabia, you will first need to have the award verified by the SACB before the attestation process can begin. This is a free online process which must be completed by yourself, and verifies that the award if genuine directly with the awarding institution. To find out more about this process and how you can apply to the SACB, read our dedicated blog post on the subject here.

To order the attestation of a higher education award online, start by choosing your country

Educational qualifications must have been issued by a registered body. In the UK alone, the following organisations registered to issue qualifications includes:

Please be aware that we check all documents to ensure that they meet the above requirements before they are attested, as well as any supporting documents required for your destination country and document type. If you need assistance, or aren't sure which service you require, please get in touch with our friendly team of specialists.


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