United Kingdom Multiple Entry Business Visa For Republic of the Congo (1 Year 30 Day)

This page allows a Citizen of the United Kingdom to purchase a Multiple Entry Business Visa for Republic of the Congo.

Important Information

All journalists, photojournalists, researchers, camera operators or production personnel must obtain a written permission to film or carry out their duties in the country provided by the relevant Ministry in Brazzaville, before entering the country.

Please provide a full inventory of all equipment. This inventory will be certified by the Consulate for you, and must be carried at all times during your stay in Congo.

Is this visa the right one for me?

This visa can be used for business travel to Republic of the Congo. Business activities include:

  • Business Meetings
  • Negotiating Trade Deals
  • Paid Research and Lecturing
  • Investment and Purchasing
  • Business Conferences and Seminars
  • Attending Training Courses

A Multiple Entry Visa to Republic of the Congo will allow entry to the country as many times as you would like within the validity period for up to the maximum stay.


Whilst Vital Consular is not affiliated with the government, we have been working with the London Embassy network since 2008. You don't have to put up with unanswered calls and long queues - we do that for you. For this, our prices include a service fee to handle your Republic of the Congo visa.

Visa Requirements

In order to apply for a Republic of the Congo Business Visa you will need to supply a number of items. Click on any of the icons below to learn more about each one.

Why should I choose Vital Consular?

Multiple   Document Checking

Full check of all supporting documents before visa submission. You can be assured that the visa submission is completed correctly first time avoiding delays to your travel.

Business   Embassy Interaction

Liaison with the Republic of the Congo Embassy in London for any queries and attendance where required. No more wasted time for you on the phone or in line at the Embassy.

Republic of the Congo   Document Preparation

Assist with acquiring and completing all relevant documentation when applicable. Save time completing all the necessary forms.

United Kingdom   Post-Visa

Collection, Check, Scan & Dispatch of your completed Republic of the Congo Visa. Let us make sure everything is as expected for worry-free travel.


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